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The Best Essay Writing Topics For High School And College

Well, so much usually goes into academic essay writing. From choosing a good topic or rather coming up with of your own, formatting your paper, writing an outline to the actual process of putting words and ideas to paper, students always have a lot to chew in one bite. It is actually these reasons why some learners find it difficult to cope and as such, they would rather seek help with custom essay writing instead of having to go it alone. In every way you want to look at it, writing is an integral part of academic you can’t afford to ignore because the moment that happens, you can start preparing yourself for the worst in terms of poor grades. This far, a begging questions which comes to the fore are you able to come up with or even select from among a list, a topic worthy of your paper and ink?

With the advent of technology in learning bringing to the fore what experts now refer to as pedagogy, students should really stop complaining about topic creation. This is because today one is just but a click of the button away from thousands of academic essay topics to choose from. But again, another challenge comes to the fore and which is, does every place or website you land and where topics for either high school or college essays are listed qualifies as the best? Students have always fell prey to anything in the name of essay help services and it is partly because of ignorance on the fact that there are the best ones as an alternative and secondly, lack of directions on how to go about this. Well, in this article, I help you go about this with ease by listing below topics you need to consider for your essay so take a look below for details.

  • To begin with, The best ways to curb rising global terrorism, is definitely a topic worth looking into
  • How to end the arms race and nuclear programs in North Korea without a single casualty
  • Discuss evidences that suggest that global warming is here with us
  • Write on how to end illegal immigration
  • Discuss the menace of Cancer as a disease claiming most lives today
  • A paper looking into the legalization of marijuana

Essay Guidelines for UK students

How to write an essay - Birmingham City University Guide

Essay structure and definition from Open University - Skills Check

Essay guidence from the University of Edinburgh.

The guide for good practice and citation.

A good essay demonstrates an ability to:

  • understand the question
  • select appropriate reading sources
  • develop a central idea, sustaining the argument from beginning to end
  • use evidence and examples to support your arguments
  • analyse, synthesise and critically evaluate material from different sources
  • explain issues, theories and debates
  • use sources appropriately in the text and construct a list of references
  • write clearly, accurately and effectively, using a good range of grammatical structures and vocabulary
  • write in an academic style